Bout of Books Day 1 And Trillium Review



Bout of Books


If you saw this post on Saturday, you’d see that I’ve signed up for the Bout Of Books challenge, and part of it is taking part in other blog’s comps and activities. Not only does this help with participation, but it also gets your blog seen by other bloggers.


Today’s challenge is If You Like X, Try Y’   hosted by The Book Barbies and last night I read the perfect thing for it.


If you like sci-fi, with a touch or romance, and stand-alone graphic novels, then Trillium  by the brilliant Jeff Lemire  is perfect for you.

Dr Nika, is a plant specialist on a space colony in 3797. William is an explorer in the Peruvian jungle in 1921. Through the power of an alien species, a vision-inducing flower and a temple, their paths cross, and from there you’re taken on a brilliantly scripted and beautifully drawn journey as we continue their attempts to not only find each other, but save humanity.

It sounds like a lot to cram into a stand-alone novel, but Lemire manages it by leaving out any superfluous science guff and treating the reader as an intelligent person able to work things out for themselves. Often I’ve seen sci-fi based graphic novels waste pages and pages going into every minute detail of the ‘science bit’ and therefore lose any grip they had on either plot or atmosphere. Lemire’s snappiness is a breathe of fresh air here.

And as for the art….I’ve always loved comics done with water colours and here Lemire uses them with style: the gloominess of the void space sweeps across the panels and the washed out looks of Nika and William’s androgynous features (a point which really comes into play half-way through with stunning effect) give Trillium an ‘old-school’ feel.


This is definitely a book I’d pick up in physical form, especially for the panel placement towards the end.


This novel was supplied as an advanced review copy from publishers DC Entertainment andVertigo via NetGalley. 

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