Bout of Books Day 2

Bout of Books


So, yesterday was day 2 of the Bout Of Books challenge. I’d realised that I’d not done a round up of day 1, so this is kind of a combined post.

Day 1

  • Books read to completion: 3 graphic novels
  • Total pages: 334
  • % read of current novel: 7
  • Blogs visited: 3
  • Challenges entered: 2
  • Reviews written: 2 Goodreads, 1 blog

Day 2

Yesterday kind of sucked as far as reading challenges goes. I got very little done and had zero time to sit and read blogs. Major fail on my part, but couldn’t be helped.

  • Books read to completion: 2 graphic novels
  • Total pages: 232
  • % of current novel: 4%
  • No blogs visited or challenges entered 😦
  • Reviews written: 2 Goodreads

I’m already up on yesterdays results for day 3, and I’m planning a major reading sesh later. I’m still on target though (especially on clearing my graphic novel arc backlog – my main impetus for doing this) and hopefully, tomorrow’s stats will be a bit more impressive. It’s also helping massively towards my Clean Sweep Challenge





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