Friday Findings


It’s the end of the working week, the sun is shining, and the internet has been bubbling over with book and geeky goodness this week, so welcome to the first of my Friday Findings where I round up what piqued my interest. Hopefully your’s will be ‘piqued’ too, just click the titles to be taken to each one.

Rise Of The Franchise

Could the long-derided franchise novel be the next genre to creep out from under the ‘nerd’ mantle and get the recognition it deserves? The Guardian’s Damien Walter makes a good case.

Superb Whovian Bundle

Me, when this was announced …..scream-face-animated-gif

IDW Publishing have teamed up with the Humble team to produce a truly outstanding deal. Pay what you want and you get 34 issues of IDW’s Doctor Who comic; volume 1 featuring Doc 10 and volume 2 picking up with Doc 11. You also get an unlock code for the time-destroying, and “Fantastic” Doctor Who Legacy, from Tiny Rebel Games. Pay at the next level and you also get the next volume of Doc 11’s adventures – another 17 issues. Go up again and you get the ultimate Whovian adventure series Prisoners of Time and the gorgeous Hugo nominated The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who. At the time of writing the minimum spend for all 60 issues and code was $15 or more, which (if your currency has Her Maj on it) is under a tenner.

Even if you don’t read the comics (yeah…get out) it’s worth it for the code alone, as it unlocks ten doctors for the game, which you normally have to either play for a phenomenally long time to get or pay out for.

The Last War In Albion 

I’ve been backing Kickstarter campaigns for a few years now, and this one rounds off my ‘Six Degrees of GeekDom’.* The Last War In Albion (And Other Tales) is the tale of the long-standing (and quite baffling) rivalry between two giants of the UK comic industry, namely Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Writer Phil Sandifer has been chronicling this saga on his blog  and the kickstarter campaign is for the print version, and there are varying levels of contribution.If you’re a comics fan of any sort, I highly recommend checking it out.

* I’ve backed four KickStarter campaigns. The first involved Grant Morrison, the second was for Neil Gaiman (a subject of vol 3 of Last War) and Amanda Palmer, the third was for the Occupy graphic novel, which included a Moore essay and Last War is the fourth.

This was not intentional. Honest. WhoMe_Willow

I hope to be doing a Friday Findings every week, preferably on a Friday. If there’s anything you’d particularly like me to hunt down and check out, please let me know in the comments section.


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