Friday Findings

I’ve finished cursing modern technology for now, so it’s time to have a quick look at what I found over the past seven days….on a really tiny screen.

51-Iim7nSRL._SL250_Emmy winning Paul Dini (writer of some of the best non-print Batman stories out there, as well as co-creator of Harley Quinn, Kevin Smith collaborator and all-round good egg) is finally seeing his team-up between Black Canary and Zatanna come out in print in the coming weeks. Released on May 27th in the US and June 3rd in the UK, Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell HC is a cracking addition to DC’s stand-alone line. I reviewed it in February and loved it, and it may well be one I actually go out and buy, and if you’re a fan of either lady, DC, or just well-written and sharply observed comics in general, then I highly recommend you do the same.



normal_love-books-book-coverDid you ever have to cover your books at school? Were you one of those unfortunate souls sitting there, at the start of term, wrestling with the sticky-back plastic, if they were new books, or old wallpaper if they’d seen better days? Then these book covers will be right up your street. Use either to gift wrap a bookish present or to protect your paperback on the commute into work. You could even use them to hide from the nuns that you’re really reading Judy Blume and not your set text. Not that I ever did that…


51HoKR6fpwL._SL250_Anyway…Talking of Young Adult books, the wondrous Hay Festival kicks off this week – I really wish I could go, but alas, the pennies are against me – and one of the events to go to will be the talk by author of the best-selling and award winning Geek Girl series Holly Smale. I love what she’s doing to the YA genre at the moment and her awkward, geeky, clumsy but equally smart and sassy character Harriet is slowly becoming a heroine for our age.




The Hay Festival runs from May 22nd to June 1st and if you’re in the UK you can access the BBC’s coverage (although you may be able to from wider afield, but don’t quote me) but unfortunately, they don’t seem to doing much in the way of live streams or edited down transmissions of the events. Either way, I’ll be pretty much glued to whatever does get shown here in Blighty, and hopefully covering it on here.

It’s a Bank (public) Holiday here this weekend, which means more reading time for me, but whatever you’re doing, have a good time doing it. x

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