Modern Technology Can Really Suck

I’m sure all my gadgets and gizmos are conspiring against me. Maybe my domestic appliances were jealous, felt a little left out and wanted a challenge of their own, so they prayed to the White Goods God to put an end to my beloved tablet and desktop.

Which meant everything I use to access my arcs, digital comics and write up on here was gone.



My Bout Of Books challenge went bye-bye, and I’m seriously behind in the ARC Clean Sweep one too. Reading on my phone is great for ten minute bus journeys, but long sessions are a no-no, and writing up on my laptop is a major-league pain in the butt, especially for links. My Nexus will have to go away for repairs (thankfully still under warranty) but that’ll still take anything up to two weeks. me…without tablet use for two…whole…weeks…


But, thanks to the free-ads (and a hubby who was after a tablet anyway) we picked up a cheap Kindle Fire HD to stop me going completely looney tunes. While it’s a lovely bit of kit, it’s still quite restrictive (obviously no google apps) with a clunky interface. Can’t fault the reading app though and it’s imported all my arc .docs perfectly. Just need to upload the comics and I’m sorted. If that tablet isn’t back soon though, I may not be responsible for my actions…





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