Clean Sweep Challenge: Final Result

It’s now June. The days are longer, the sun is out (most of the time) and my hayfever is starting to *really* pee me off. But, it also means that May is long gone, and with it, the Clean Sweep Arc Challenge, so wonderfully co-hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Angela at Angela’s Anxious Life. In my sign up post here I said I was going to aim for 12 titles and get my NetGalley approval rating closer to 80%. Well, I almost got there.

In total I read my way through 19 titles in all throughout May – 6 novels and 13 graphic novels. I probably could’ve got through more, but…you know…tech issues. I visited and followed a few new blogs and took part in as many challenges as time allowed. A full list of what I read is here at Goodreads. I’m still sitting on some reviews for a couple of them, and I’m hoping to get them out soon.

As far as that approval rating goes, I started with it at 52.3% and it currently stands at 64%. Unfortunately, I was approved for a load mid-May that I’d applied for early April and that naturally screwed my percentage rate.

What helped me loads during this challenge was seeing how other bloggers organised their arcs and to be read piles. For instance, I had never even thought of organising by number of pages (thereby getting the shortest first, upping the possible number of books read) until I’d seen it mentioned in a blogs comments. I’ve also been looking at layouts, and if I wasn’t dissatisfied with the layout of this one before I started the challenge, I am now. I’m going to be tweaking FOREVER!!

Overall, I loved this challenge. It focused not only my reading, but my blogging and organising. Just remind me next year to not request any arcs after March! 😉


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