Being a Calvin And Hobbes Fan Got Very Exciting This Weekend

The full, and brilliant story of how one artist managed to coax a genius back to the drawing board.

Like many, Calvin and Hobbes own a massive chunk of my heart, and when the shout went out last week that the elusive Bill Watterson had possibly returned, albeit briefly, my heart did that little jumpy thing.

When I first started to read C&H, I related to them both, chuckled heartily and wept regularly (dead bird anyone…the burglary…ye gads). Re-reading them once I became a parent has also been a regular thing. Not only have all my kids been Calvin at some point (especially the girls) but I am now the mum and my husband is most certainly the Dad. Be in our house around Christmas and you’d fail to see any difference.


Mr Watterson has filled so many lives, in so many ways, that this news goes beyond the usual geek boundaries, and while we all know deep down, that we’ll never see that boy, and that tiger again, the little spark of hope that this news brings is one that will be in the heart of every C&H fan.

But what really gets me, is that Pastis’ story could be straight out of a C&H strip itself. Persistence, resolve, following your instincts and your dreams?

Next stop the Yukon!

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  1. Calvin and Hobbes is and will always be one of my favorites. Calvin always reminded me of my son and prior to becoming a parent I remember my parents sitting around laughing and yes- sometimes crying- at the wonderful trouble this two got themselves into. Thanks for sharing. Remembering my love for Calvin and Hobbes brought a smile to my face this morning. 🙂

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