She Tore A Book In Half! IN HALF!!

I’ve only just come across this article from journalist Alison Flood, and quite honestly, I may need smelling salts to cope with it.

I was forced, however, to rip it in half, partly because I wanted to share it with someone while on holiday, partly because it was a bit heavy to lug around as it was. I haven’t yet got round to sticking it back together.

She tore a book in half. Just let that sink in for a moment.




Why would you do that? Why?

And the “forced” excuse doesn’t wash either. I have NOS4R2 and yes, it’s a beast of a book, but I’d never be stupid enough to take it on holiday with me, especially, as Flood states later on in the article, you have an e-reader. As for ‘sharing it with a friend’?


Me. Reading this article.

I’m not a ‘book abuser’ and argue vehemently against the ‘if its not battered you obviously haven’t read it enough/don’t love it’ argument, and I’m fine with note scribblers (pencil only though) and paperback ‘roughness’. Just don’t do it to my books. I do have a two mile restriction zone set up around my bookshelves for dog-earers and spine breakers though.

I wouldn’t even let Alison Flood into my house!

Damage happens, I get it. But wanton book abuse is akin to grabbing vinyl the wrong way, or leaving cds/dvds out of their boxes.


Am I over-reacting? Or did your heckles get up as much as mine did?